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Victor Rojas (Apex. NC)

I cannot speak highly enough of Diana as a counselor.  When I was coming back from my second international trip, escaping from a reality that I needed to face after the death of my wife, I met this lady at the airport, when I saw her, something inside me told me that she had something for me --the flight delayed twice-- gave me a reason to approach her and started talking about our flight, then our trips, and skillfully and patiently she unveiled what I needed to hear for the healing of my soul and spirit, when she knew nothing about me, she helped me to work through some of the anxiety issues I was experiencing - both before and after - that I had developed because the passing away of my beloved wife.

Diana immediately started counseling me from the moment I met her, that is the class and kind of person she is, there was no --call my office, and schedule an appointment, etc. etc. -- After we said goodbye at the airport she handed me one of her books, 'A Guide to The Gift Within', and that night I read 90% of it, and immediately identified with it.  I can honestly say that my faith is stronger now than before. Diana gave me some exercises to do, and I am still doing it and I have faith and the assurance that I will accomplish my goals.

Diana is extremely easy to talk to, and someone that makes you feel at ease almost immediately. Her strength lies in her ability to listen attentively, and then help you develop the tools you need to resolve the issue and challenges that arise outside the counselling session. She is highly intuitive, smart, and she knows how to reach into your soul, and she does a wonderful job at articulating the importance of perspective, and the control we have over choosing how we want to proceed in life.

After having made significant progress on the issues that I was struggling with, I continue to see Diana as needed. I had individual sessions with her (Zoom, chat, Voice, Video, etc.) that always prove extremely helpful. I left inspired and renewed, much stronger emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I have learned to discover the spiritual gifts within me, now I have the peace that surpasses all understanding and the clarity to see my future.  I highly recommend Diana Cristy.

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Chantelle Rampersad (Miami, Fl)

Diana is truly a wonderful soul that I was blessed to meet. She is genuine and down to earth and will work with you to resolve any energy blockages or issues you may have that has been stopping you from living your best life. We did a past life session and it mentally helped me cleared the blockages I had from accepting love into my life and helped me realized why in all of my past relationships I seemed to be dating the same type of guy. She helped me to channel my feminine divine to become the empowered female I was made to be. She is very intuitive and can relate to what you’re going through in life. I think we all want to feel understood and accepted for who we are and like we’re not alone in this thing called life. I definitely got that out of her sessions. I also learned to love myself a little more 🙂


Daniel Jude (Miami, FL)

Diana is such an amazing and beautiful person. She’s wonderful to work with in regards to getting a reading and direction in life; especially when one feels lost or directionless. I came across her at a pivotal point in my journey and she helped me out immensely, and helped me step into my power and soul purpose, so I will always be grateful to her and her services. I’ve done past life, spiritual gifts, and cord pulling sessions with her and they were all amazing.

Diana is very intuitive, and as an empath, can pick up on the emotions of others very well. She’s someone that you’ll want by your side within the journey on your path to your soul purpose and healing. I know countless friends and acquaintances who have had sessions with her as well, and they’ve all had great experiences. If I could sum up Diana’s sessions, coaching, and guidance in one word it would be: healing.

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