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   The mission of My Spiritual Rebirth is the following:

       1.  To remind you that we are souls.

       2. To ensure that you are inspired (to be in spirit)

             to  achieve your life/ soul purpose (mission)


Services Offered:

       Soul Purpose  Guidance

       Past Life Healing


       Spiritual Gift Training (i.e. Empath)

       Business Coaching

       Mindset (Belief System) Coaching

       Heal Yourself (tap into the power within)

See  the benefits of services below:

    Soul Purpose Guidance:

           Do you work hard only to be hit with doors slamming in your face?

           Do you notice how some people seem so have it so easy while you struggle?

           Do you want to know their secret?

     Past life healing:

          Everything is energy and energy is everything. When we cross over and enter this             life we sometimes bring the  energy from our past life into this life.  Oftentimes,              there are  parallels between our past life and this life. This six-step healing                           process includes  the  following:

            1. Past Life Meditation to determine origin of fear, pain or energy which does not                    serve your  highest  purpose.

           2. Etheric cord removal/ spiritual divorce

           3. Removal of old belief systems with Mindset (Belief System) Coaching

           4. Energetic healing

           5. Establish new belief system

·           6. Manifestation of desired outcome


       Understand your limiting beliefs

       Breakthrough your limiting beliefs

       Renew your belief system with supporting beliefs

       Fight for your dreams not your perceived limitations

     Spiritual Gift Guidance:

       Are you an empath struggling with your own emotions as well as the emotions of              others?

       Did you know that being an empath is a gateway to other spiritual gifts?

       Did you know your spiritual gifts lead us towards our soul’s purpose?

     Business Coaching:

       Are you afraid of failure?

       Are you unsure of how to get started?

       Not sure what to do next?

       Gain confidence to succeed with business coaching

     Mindset (Belief System) Coaching:

       Understand your limiting beliefs

       Breakthrough your limiting beliefs

       Renew your belief system with supporting beliefs

     Heal Yourself through meditation:

       If you were able to get yourself sick or are suffering from the disease then you                  also  have  the power to make  yourself well.

My Spitfual Rebirth logo new Danny.JPG

About Me
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I am an empath, intuitive and Certified Rational Emotive Behavioral Technique (REBT) Mind Set coach. I incorporate quantum physics and RBET to provide coaching, facilitate healing, manifestation and remind others of their soul's purpose so they can be guided to follow their soul’s purpose (life path). 

I also train adults and children to use their spiritual gifts, so they are not afraid of them.  I have a calling to help others and have been healing since I was a child.  My Grandmother is half Cherokee and trained me in the old ways of connecting with powers of nature and spirit guides to facilitate healing and transmute energy.  Energy is everything and Everything is energy.

If you are unsure as to which service would best fit you, I am more than happy to customize a session to ensure you achieve the ultimate desired results.  

Much love,


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